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Virginia State Parks   Virginia State Parks

Thanks to a partnership between the Library of Virginia, Virginia State Parks and the Science Museum of Virginia, you can now use your Alexandria Library card to check out a Virginia State Park Pass.  The pass allows free parking and entrance to all 40 Virginia State parks. 




How do I checkout a Virginia State Park Pass?
You may visit the Beatley Central Library to checkout a park pass that is available. Passes can also be placed on hold and transferred to other branch locations.

Are there restrictions on checkout?
No. There are no restrictions on checkout. Any adult can check out a park pass. There is no cost to the borrower for the park passes. Please notify the library if a pass is lost, stolen, or damaged.

What is the loan period for the Virginia State Park Pass?
The park passes may be borrowed for 7 days. Only one park pass may be checked out at a time.

Can I renew the Virginia State Park Pass or extend the checkout?
Yes.  Park passes may be renewed once.

What is included in the library’s “Virginia State Park Pass Kit?”
Each park pass is contained in a locking case. Each case has one Virginia State vehicle park pass and a sticker to the Virginia State Park website. Please return the park pass to the library in its case.

Our family is traveling in multiple vehicles. How many park passes can I check out at a time?
Only one Virginia State Park Pass may be checked out per household.

I returned the case for the park pass but forgot to put the pass in it. Who do I speak with about this?
Please contact Beatley Central Library and return the pass as soon as possible.

Can I return my Virginia State Park Pass to any Library?
Yes, passes may be returned to any Alexandria Library circulation desk.

I accidentally lost or left the pass somewhere. Can I purchase and bring in a replacement pass?
No. The State of Virginia is providing the passes to the library. We will notify them of the loss and they will deactivate the number on the pass. Library customers will then be billed for the lost pass ($66) and a processing fee ($5).

Can the library make park reservations or provide park brochures?
No. You may visit the Virginia State Park website for information on the various State Park locations, reservation costs, and amenities.


Last updated: March 2022